Race Management

We ask paddlers to cooperate with race officials as well as our volunteers in helping to make sure that the race schedule runs on time, and we thank our paddlers for paying attention to the race start time, checking the race schedule, and being patient from time to time.  Race officials make every effort to ensure that teams move from the racing village area, through the pre-race line-up areas and to the water prior to their races quickly and with as few delays as possible.

2017 Race Schedule

The final Race Information Package with the final race schedule will be published prior to the event. Team managers and paddlers will receive an email when it is published sometime after the close of registration and receipt of team rosters.

Visiting Team Practices

Visiting teams are encouraged to schedule a free one-hour practice anytime on Friday, September 9th. To schedule your practice session, please contact DragonsInTheWallowas.com

Team Race Tents

Each team is allocated a tent space inside of the paddler’s staging area to call their own for the race weekend. Teams must bring their own tents and chairs.

BrendaCartinoWomen’s Division

All paddlers must be female. Caller and Tiller can be any gender.

Mixed Division

Paddlers must be a minimum of 10 females. Caller and Tiller can be any gender.


Once a Team Manager adds a paddler to their team’s roster using a valid email address, the team member will be directed to sign a waiver form.


Each team will be required to provide one volunteer for each day of the event. Volunteer registration forms will be required to be submitted with the team’s roster and waivers. Volunteers will receive free guest registration.

Race Results

Each race’s results will be emailed to each paddler as soon as available. Additionally, the results will be posted on the race’s official message board located adjacent to the pre-race lane lineup area.


Medals are awarded to the top three finishing teams in each category. Medals will be given to each captain as soon as the finish results are official. A traveling trophy will be awarded to the team with the best overall performance. This will be calculated using each team’s placement in all sprint events. Lowest combined finish time wins in the 250-meter serpentine race.